Murakami House closure

You may have noticed when you have been at Britannia recently that the Murakami House and Murakami Boatworks have been closed. We had some flooding in December and decided to clear out and close both buildings in anticipation of flooding in January. Luckily we didn’t flood in January, so now we begin the process of moving everything back in. We anticipate that we will have the buildings open again by April.

The joy of using tools

We have started a regular, weekly program of shop training on tools. While the emphasis will be on power tools to instill safe practice, there will be instruction on the use and care of hand tools as well. Every Saturday morning, at 11:15, a member shares his or her expertise on some aspect of shop practice. Particular attention is paid to safety as these powerful machines can, in an eye blink, change one’s life forever.

For now the sessions are strongly urged for all active volunteers and open to all Society members. In the near future we hope to invite members of the general public.