Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society
Annual General Meeting

Time and Date:
10 am, Saturday, April 16th
Registration opens at 9:30 am.

Chinese Bunkhouse, Britannia Heritage Shipyard

5180 Westwater Drive Richmond BC, V7E 6P3


  1. Meeting call to order
  2. Establish quorum
  3. Accept agenda
  4. Approval of minutes of previous AGM
  5. Report from Chair Loren Slye
  6. Report from City of Richmond
  7. Financial statement presentation
  8. Appointment of the Auditor
  9. Insurance Review
  10. Election of new Directors

    The following Directors are entering the second year of a two-year term:

    David Chinn (Director)
    Carl Hibbert (Director)
    Andy Hobbs (Director)

    Nominations for returning and new Director positions will be presented at the AGM and can also be made from the floor.

  11. Meeting adjournment

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